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The Place That is Free of Suffering

On Oct 7, 2014 Rahul Varshney wrote:

 I like Echart Tolle's writings; they were helpful in my path of recovery. However, for those of us who have come out of the fire, is it not our duty to eradicate suffering? Do we let the world wage war and stand by idly because "well, the world needs to suffer to mature"? Last year, 500,000 Libyans, many brown and black children were blown up by nato bombs paid for by our taxes. Was this necessary suffering? 1,000,000 Iranian children died because of US sanctions on Iran. Was this necessary suffering? Then secretary of state Madeline Albright said she thought the cost "was worth it". So you see, we have people in the highest echelons of power who have a Malthusian world view -- that the population has gone out of control, "so what's the big deal if we eradicate a million or two people here or there?" We must move beyond the idea that suffering is necessary for growth. For the ignorant, yes, suffering is the only door they can walk through. I consigned my ex-wife to this fate by divorcing her. I realized the lies in our marriage would only fester and get worse. The only way to grow was to end the charade and "induce" suffering. But as for the next generation, the YOUTH, please, listen to my words, suffering is completely unnecessary. We have to the tools through social media to empower children to follow their dharma, their God-given path by simply embodying and practicing love. Love is Truth and the truth will lift us all up, regardless of creed, gender, economic status. I pray we end war and eradicate suffering from the face of this planet. We can affirm Tolle by sharing our own stories. Peace.

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