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Get a Life

On Oct 6, 2014 Dey wrote:

Thanks for this advice .. sometimes i feel like burdened with something that i dont know what .. and sometimes i feel i'm the most " pathetic " human ... but this advice a little more give me strength to wake up and facing the problem ...

On Oct 6, 2014 Lfm wrote:

 Satan plays the "pathetic card" to many of us.  I am thankful, after a time of "holding that card" in my hand awhile, God helps me discard it.  Hitting us with his (satan) best shot, however, is not good enough.  Thanks be to God.  Dey, imagine a friend holding your hand in the Truth of Christ.  

On Oct 7, 2014 deydiit wrote:

 Thanks so much lfm..
and now i know,God always beside me even i'm in trouble or anything else that can crush my strenght..


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