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Get a Life

On Oct 1, 2014 Syd wrote:

 Lfm, it is interesting you use the terms, “He is the Potter and we are His clay.”  This is probably true enough, where the Potter turns all our experiences, both the good and the bad, into something more for our growth as human beings.  Maybe the Potter can create beyond my human limitations. Yet I do not like this being burned in the oven, as this chasm creates inner darkness and it feels like a black hole draining whatever life I have out of me.  I feel like I am being burned from the inside out. 
You may know of John of the Cross.  He describes wood being burned in a stove where the snow, ice, dirt and bark finally turn into a red hot coal.  Naturally this red hot coal puts off heat and love, yet my unconscious impulses also burn in anger.  So it helps to open the door to the stove and draw a little inspiration from this heat.  Painful and paradoxical, raw material and inspirational is truly the highest form of creativity.  It is rather “soul-making,” something beautiful here and seems to be this fire which creates. 
I thank you for your prayers, as there is terrifying attraction to this darkness and yet a little opening in the door allows me to not see this darkness as being demonic.                

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