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Suffering Leads to Grace

On Sep 27, 2014 Akshay Sadana,NJ (New Jersey) wrote:

 Suffering is always painful, it is well said that the frog under Harrow ( Plow ) only knows the pain. Pain of suffering is hard to define and you get only one thing out of it- that is concentration towards God.
In normal condition while you are praying  the God a small thing will distract your attention but when you  are suffering your prayers will not be disturbed even by big noise or  other irritating factors. So the pain give us the real concentration towards the god.

According to the philosophy of "Bhagwad Geeta"; - What ever we are facing at the moment is the result of our previous "Karma"  so what is happening has to happen, and it will happen, it can not be changed as it is the fruit of our previous Karmas,

Now when you have take the fruit of your old Karmas and your attention is on god and you are praying him with sincere concentration, the time to come will have the effect of this prayer so you are bound to get a better deal for your Karmas from the God, which you could never have been able to get without suffering at present. and praying the god with the concentration you got after having suffered and undergone through the pain.

So it is not with me but every one The suffering gives the grace.

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