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    On Sep 23, 2014 david doane wrote:

     To suffer means to carry.  Suffer doesn't mean pain, it means our carrying of pain.  Pain is a given.  How we suffer pain is up to us.  I can suffer my pain efficiently or in a way that creates more and unnecessary pain.  I consume pain into myself by accepting it as part of my life and carrying it efficiently, not denying it.  I am to have and consume my pain, and not it have and consume me.  I am bigger than my pain.  The more severe the pain, the more difficult I assume it is to live that way.  I may find out some day -- I haven't yet been put to the extreme test.  Grace is the gift of growing.  When my dear friend died, the grace that loss helped me to find was that I am more than I realized and gave myself credit for.  I die to who I thought I was by being open, listening and seeing, being receptive and accepting, and allowing myself to let go and realize more of who I am.  I appreciate Ram Dass' saying that the people of India speak of their saints as being the living dead because they have died to who they thought they were -- that's profound. 

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    On Sep 23, 2014 Syd wrote:

     What you write is excellent and you are a powerful healing force David. Your faith and freedom is the source of life, where it appears the observer is the observed are One.  Thank you!  

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