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Ninety Six Words for Love

On Sep 16, 2014 Celeste wrote:

 Interesting little snippet. Always thought it was a tad lame that we only have one word for love. Each time I've "loved" it's different as the people places and things I regarding. But its a great word! Mastery of it's vibration is more important that finding different ways to meander around it. Most people ( myself

included ) do not always discern what love. They certainly don't feel the flow of love through their hearts. They feel longing or the "miss" someone so they say they love. Not the same thing. Or lust, attachment, or desire, or the desire to control ( like parents for their kids ). None of those are love in it's purity. However to it less because there should be moooaaar weeerrds is to be in ones head and missing the point entirely. While I like the point the person makes about the word and how more would be cooler to say that one sacrifices feeling for mindfulness is an argument for ones limitations. This is exactly why I and so many people meditate- to observe themselves in feeling and thought with hopes to become integrated humans in integrity! You cannot tell me someone can not love and be sharp as a tack. True love transcends polarity, and it is the highest form of intelligence. Anything less has some fear mixed in which allows for the dilution of that divine intelligence. But that is the fault of the ego, not of love.

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