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Ninety Six Words for Love

On Sep 16, 2014 Sandra wrote:

 A number of people expressed it well, in numerous ways!!!  We have many words and many means of expressing love.  First question for me was whether there's more love being expressed, felt, evidenced in those cultures with so many words (boxes someone said).  Labels, tags I call them.  Yes we need language to communicate, but more we need intent, motive, desire to love, be loving, and receive love.  With that, I suspect the Universe, God, whatever term we want to use, will help us express it.  (Here again, so many words for the Origin, Creator of all things and some of us take issue with one or the other!!!)  In my own experience, study am learning the more I realize the love is already within me, the more I'll see it, express it, experience it.

On Sep 16, 2014 Syd wrote:

Sandra, I read your post and I felt something profoundly liberating, as watched my body fall back into the chair. The liberation was in my body and feeling spontaneous.  This moment is not primarily a feeling either, as it is more like drawing back and is being lost in the unselfconsciousness.  This merely is my words and yet the moment is an opening to a hidden depth and your presence is bringing something new to the world.   Thank you!         

On Sep 16, 2014 Sandra wrote:

 Thanks Syd, for that, makes my day.  You certainly are blessed with the ability to express.  Love your post.  It seems this article has unleashed a dam!  Many are really in tune and attuned it would seem.  We're not being fooled!  What joy!  Wish I could reblog all this commentary.
Thanks to everyone!


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