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Ninety Six Words for Love

On Sep 16, 2014 Aaron wrote:

I 'love' this piece for the opportunity it gives to consider the impact of something that I haven't fully considered, language/words. I believe our societies should reflect our values and I find it painful that in a western society where 'love' in many forms is clearly present,'love' lacks the recognition, acknowledgement and celebration it warrants.
Many would argue that a lack of 'love' could be attributed to the amount of problems we face in our 'modern' world; poverty, in equality, racism, war, rape, murder... And some would argue 'love' will help solve these problems. How many words do we have for sex, money and war in our 'western' societies vocabulary? 

So for me, although not the only method, language/words are the most commonly used method to communicate in our 'western' societies and therefore one of the most valuable areas for change. The use of language/words has been and is growing everyday with the amount of different mediums; stories, music, letters, books, newspapers, radio, phones, journals, tv, videos, mobiles, websites, blogs, emails, social media...  If we as a society value 'love' then surely this should be reflected in the language/vocabulary we use. The fact there is only 'one' word may or may not be the issue, but clearly its significance, its different forms, its value, its presence, its ability to change and the context in which we speak of it is. Let's continue to speak of, practice and celebrate love in all it's forms and ask that there be more of it... With love Aaron.

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