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Ninety Six Words for Love

On Sep 14, 2014 david doane wrote:

 What a fascinating article.  I never knew that various cultures had so many words for what's important to them, and English is so impoverished in words about love and feeling, though it makes sense since we are so impoverished in awareness regarding love and feelings and inner experience in general.  I don't think superiority in one function only comes at the expense of the other.  I think we can be superior in both.  I play with the notion that whole thinking and whole feeling grow concurrently, not divergently, and that you can only have as much of one as you have of the other.  Thinking is dominant in this culture, and some would think superior, but so much thinking is unwhole, fragmented, and unwise because it is separated from feeling which is so ignored and also unwhole.  So, both our thinking and feeling are impoverished.  I see the impoverishment of my thinking and feeling when I am awakened to or at least get a glimpse of the lack of clarity and depth in my thinking and feeling, such as when impoverishment in words about love and feelings is pointed out by this article.  Someone wise said thinking makes a fine servant and a terrible master.  I agree with that.  I think remembering that and looking inside ongoingly helps us balance the thinking and feeling functions so that both will be superior. 

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