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Ninety Six Words for Love

On Sep 11, 2014 Abhishek Thakore wrote:

 At one level. having multiple words surely allows for greater nuance and precision....but then again, words are merely pointers - in fact they can end up becoming cages, keeping us from the seamless experience of an emotion....

The many words for snow may help the eskimos but maybe a child playing in the snow for the first time ever (without having even a single word for it) experiences snow in a much rawer and direct way than a 30-words-for-snow eskimo ever can....

In fact the moment I know I am going to meet an 'eskimo' I already have made so many assumptions about the person.....the word, in that case actually is a hurdle for me meeting the real person hiding behind the word....

The deepest of our experiences are beyond words - and we are united in our inability to ever articulate or share them and in reveling in their ineffable-ness

On Sep 13, 2014 Nilam wrote:

You said it beautifully......!!!!Deepest of our experiences are beyond words!!! If somebody truly loves you don't need them to say it loud can just feel it in your heart!!!! 

On Sep 15, 2014 Jyoti wrote:

 Your words nicely explain the limitations of words !


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