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Ninety Six Words for Love

On Sep 11, 2014 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 The contradictory way of perceiving the reality is bothersome to me. The either -or mind set- instead of this and that is closer to perceiving the reality. In Jainism, it is called syadvada-the reality, the existence , is multifaceted like many colors of the rainbow. We hear this contradictory way of  relating to each other by sayings like either you are with me or against me. This polarized way of seeing everything is an indication of our fragmented way relating to ourselves and others. We are familiar with the value we put on the left brain dominance, the head brain, the thinking brain at the cost of the right brain, the heart brain, the feeling brain. Our educational system is designed and developed for the cultivation of the left brain. Think about the damage done to the right brained children in a country in which we believe and claim to be equal and to be treated equally.

I was born and raised in India in an extended family with a large number of family members. We express our love for parents, brothers, sisters, younger and older and even for Gods and Goddesses  by using different words for love. The different words convey different shades of love, different meanings of love. Words are very powerful. The brain research shows how positive words and negative words  differently affect the brain circuits. There is a great wisdom in the saying, " How you think and how you say and behave have a tremendous impact on us and others."

I am living my life in a balanced way. I value both sides of my brain, head and heart, and relate to me and others mindfully and compassionately. My life has been enriched by embracing and practicing the wise saying that I leaned as a child: Truth is one, perceived and expressed differently by different truth seekers.

I value this weekly thoughtful and thought provoking gift and the comments of all to the weekly reading. Namaste.

Jagdish P Dave

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