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    On Feb 3, 2019 David Doane wrote:

    We do contain multitudes, in more ways than one. We are part of one another. We share our atoms, and the atoms that are part of my body have been part of the body of every other being. Further, whatever happens to me affects others, and what happens to others affects me. And there are many aspects to me. Given my inclinations historically to be guarded, the process of sharing my non linked in profile has often started with the other being open and real with me, which has resulted in my being more open and real in return. And when I have been open and real, as happens more and more over the years, the other is more that way with me. I've learned, sometimes painfuly, that if you want the other to be real and open, be real and open. I've learned that if you want to have a friend, be a friend. What helps me offer space to be complex people is my learning that we're all complex multitudes, and that the meeting of real complex me and real complex you is what is meaningful and fulfilling for me, so I do it, at least sometimes.

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