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    On Feb 1, 2019 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    My life is not a straght line. It has many turns and twists. My life is not monociolor. It is muticolor. Some light, some bright, some dark, some pleasesent and some unpleasa.It a mixture of colors..My real self is not LinkedIn profile. I relate to what Walt Whitman says " I am large, I contain multitudes." When I was young I had a small circle of close friends. We got deeply connected by being vulnerable and sharing our thousands of joys and thousands of sorrows.We gave ourselves and each other room to be ourselves. All of my friends have passed way. I still feel in my heart the loving, intimate and deep relationships we had created with each other. What helps me to offer space to myself and others is finding time and opening our minds and hearts. Small and shallow talks come and go without creating depth in our relationships. Today I had invited my Jewis friend to my class to share her expereinces of practicing her faith.I have known her for the last ten years without being deeply and lovingly connected with each other. In the class she talked about how her grandfather was gaschambered by the Germans. How her mother had gone through torturing expereinces and how she felt when she came to America. It was a very moving true story. There were tears in her eyes and profound pain her voice. We got deeply connected with her and she felt the same way..

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