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A Spiritual Conspiracy

On Aug 24, 2014 Rebecca McCarty wrote:

So many of us are here, together, on purpose. Here, in this dawning of the new golden age, the age of Aquarius. We sense each other, and experience gratitude. We trust in the higher parts of the others. You and I subtly do our work. We are become artists, teachers by example, caring not  how common our lives may seem to others. We find ourselves here, observing, listening, examining, reflecting, healing, giving, encouraging, struggling against odds, changing ourselves, creating fresh ways of being, reaching out, including all.  Yes, we are here, subtly together, on purpose, in common fellowship. This is our great opportunity. Faced with the experiences of  war, violence, oppression, greed, destruction, suffering these, without filling ourselves with hate, we endure, and for a reason. These evils are a travail, and this arduous pain, portends the birth of the new humanity, whose appearance we all await. 

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