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To Have Without Holding

On Aug 24, 2014 Rebecca McCarty wrote:

 This is beautiful, and reminds me of something that William Blake wrote, "He that binds to himself a joy, Does the winged life destroy. But he who kisses joy as it flies, lives in eternity's sunrise"

On Aug 27, 2014 Marilyn Flint wrote:

 Thank you for your beautiful Blake poem. The experience of caring for a husband whose disease made him so helpless was surprisingly fulfilling. The continuously expanding  love that demanded nothing for myself was the strongest love I've ever felt, even beyond my love for my children. It helped me learn so much about the real meaning of true love.

On Aug 28, 2014 Me wrote:

 I hear you Marilyn!  Today my husband was ill (migraine and flu symptoms) in a way, in our 30 years of marriage, I'd never seen.  I connected with him in presence, comfort and peace to ease his pain.  Love goes the extra mile.


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