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    On Aug 9, 2014 Akshay Sadana,NJ (New Jersey) wrote:

     I was writing my comment but some how it seems that either i pressed the wrong key or it got erased and as such i am writing it again.
    Fear is one thing from which no one in this universe has escaped 
    Every one fears some thing or the other but i am going to tell you one thing which is going to change your life all together and you will realise that you have wasted your precious time and life in fearing what you should not have done.
    The interesting and the most strange thing is that we have the worst fears and in other words fiear the thing which have not actually happened but is actually yet to happen. It means we never fear or are worried about today.  We are just worried about tomorrow. Which is not in our hands and is yet to come. This may happen or not happen is uncertain but most of the times it does not actually happen and we go on worrying and fearing making our life miserable where we could have lived in peace without worrying.

    I am taking an extreme case: We have got a life, we don't know how long we shall live and we live fearlessly. But if we know we are going to die after 5 years (Like we have cancer) we will  not be able to live comfortable today. We shall just ruine our these five years. Which again is not certain as there may be some new medicine which may ultimately cure us and may increase our life span or we may culturally die tomorrow by some accident. So nothing is sure, but we just the fear makes us not live our life today comfortably.

    That is the way we never worry for today when and where we are today but we just worry for tomorrow that is not in our hands and is not certain.

    So if we just leave this tomorrow in that is in the hands of god we shall be able to live comfortably without fear and suffering.

    If you just relax and think you will always find what you feared yesterday and years back has actually not happened or has rather never happened but you lost that precious time what you could enjoy or could have lived peacefully.

    I will suggest, please leave tomorrow in the hands of God and live today without fear. Tomorrow is going to wonderful as God has never planned continuous misfortunes for you rather he has created a solution for all your problems and you are bound to get a solution for you all problems and fears.

    So leave the fear and live happily.

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