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    On Jan 18, 2019 B. Towsley wrote:

    Oh, the joy of not having to be concerned, worry, give thought to what comes after this flesh life. This is the joy unspeakable for those who have chosen a life with the eternal creator in receiving a new spiritual birth. The blessed assurance when we choose the new birth offered in receiving Jesus as our Savior——to be born again of an incorruptible seed, our spirit quickened into that spiritual realm that is eternal~~~~to never having a moment of fear or concern or fear. The wonder of knowing in the very second our life on this earth is over we will find ourselves present with our God for eternity——— IF we have made that choice to be born again of the spirit of Jesus, the Christ (redeemer).

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    On Jan 19, 2019 Mark wrote:

    Please keep your Jesus out of this. This poem, and the peace it speaks of, is for everyone.

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    On Feb 2, 2019 Trent wrote:

    Thank you, Mark. Thank you.

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    On Feb 16, 2019 Ellen Forester wrote:

    I'm glad I'm not alone in wondering why this commentator seemed to think this poem was about Christianity!

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