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Every Sensation Comes to an End

On Jul 27, 2014 david doane wrote:

 Thank you for this article.  My understanding is that Krishnamurti is speaking nondualistically in saying that "outward awareness is not different from the inward awareness."  He is aware that there is no outward or inward except in our thinking.  Other than in our thinking, there is only being and awareness, there is only unity.  I have precious few moments of choiceless awareness which are without expectation, without agenda or goal, without judgment, without trying, without pushing or preventing, without choice, and are simply being aware.  They are moments of "Be still and know that you are God."  We can develop the ability to be aware without sense of judgment by becoming aware that there is such awareness, which we usually are awakened to by someone who knows something about it, and by some time spent learning from such a person, and then by practice. After infancy, I think it takes time and effort to learn to be timeless, effortless, and aware choicelessly. 

On Aug 1, 2014 Blessings wrote:

 David,  I see a lot of my husband in your response.  He seems to always have an expectation, an agenda and goals.  He is very driven and cares deeply about how people might perceive him.  
With time (increased age and maturity in his faith), I pray He comes "back down" to where God wants us/him to be . . . more aware, effortless and choiceless (as you said).  Thank you for your response!  


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