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Pale Blue Dot

On Jul 25, 2014 Shirley wrote:

 Thank you for the best day yesterday: great bike ride; loved seeing Kelly; meeting Brian - very nice guy; and spending time with you. Hope you have a good time up north. 

I know you are stressed and upset at times. Whenever someone upsets me, John asks me why I am letting them rent precious space in my brain for free.
 Dad told me that the reason he loved astronomy was because it put everything in perspective. I did not find this quote (it comes with a video of earth that is seen as just a speck in the big black universe) until after Dad passed away but, after I read it, I understood better what he meant. I keep it posted above my desk at work to remind me that, other than issues that involve life and death or serious threats to someone's well being, there is not much in this world that is worth getting upset or stressed out over. 
Hope you have a great time in Georgian Bay! Xxxooo

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