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Money is not Wealth

On Jul 15, 2014 Marlene wrote:

Although we need money to live, we cannot let it be the sole focus point in our lives. Rather strive to live from the heart, show that you care, give some your time/love/laugh because it doesn't cost anything. When someone dies, no money in the world can bring him back or fill that empty space.

On Aug 13, 2014 me wrote:

 Upon news that a "favorite actor' of ours  took his life recently, our son (16) remarked, "Why would a man take his life like that when it "appears" he has it all?"   Wealth, for some, would simply be to HAVE mental health.  Rich and famous I would not like to be!   (Oh the price one pays to walk a path he/she shouldn't be on in the first place.)
Heaven is the "wealth" I seek.  Praying for this special man . . . and all suffering the effects of depression.  Amen. 


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