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    On Jun 29, 2014 david doane wrote:

    "Revealing your own wholeness" is for me the culmination of discovering that there is more to me than I am aware of, and exploring, accepting, and owning that more.  We each have aspects of our self that we don't know, often try to separate from and disown, consciously and unconsciously, and pretend they are not us.  And we each have incidents that reveal to us aspects of ourselves that we are unaware of and/or don't like.  It's all me (I'm all me), including my shadow side.  I am whole, I just don't realize it, and revealing my wholeness is a process of becoming more of who I am and becoming more integrated.  I don't think anyone becomes integrated or sees their own wholeness 100%, but we can be involved in the process of becoming whole.  The Cause that lives within us is the inexorable drive to accept and own the wholeness that we are.  The practice that helps me tune in to that Cause is to remind myself to maintain the beginner's mind, give up pretenses, be open to my inner stirrings, be open to input and feedback from others, and be willing to learn and grow. 

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    On Jul 30, 2014 Michele wrote:

    This a beautiful response David to this inquiry. Integrating and including all parts, light and dark, is so important in the healing and creative process of life. I love the beginner's mind as a path of remembering that our Cause is not just mental or thought patterns but a remembering that are awareness is founded upon spirit, heart, mind and body intelligence working together in greater harmony.

    In my own experience it's the Heart intelligence that roots the energy of our Spirit and gives the Mind greater clarity to see what wants to be visible now in the world of form, or Body intelligence. When these four intelligences are aligned, we are more apt to flourish. 

    I do not believe that we decide or think ourselves into dis ease, or lack. Unless we are truly enlightened, we in and out patterns of unconsciousness and consciousness. Each event, whether is appears good or bad, is an opportunity to grow closer to life itself as a path of revelation and for me the Presence is my Soul guiding me to weave together my wholeness again and again like a tapestry of light. 

    I actually don't believe that everyone has this greater Cause to grow and that's why there is so much addiction to that which ultimately doesn't truly sustain us. Personally, it took having cancer for me to see that even my addiction to personal growth and being of service had lured me from my deeper happiness. 

    Blessings on all of us for trying to put words to this great mystery of living life. 

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