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    On Jun 10, 2014 david doane wrote:

     I think the author's observation that a new direction starts like the fish on the camel is right on.  We have times that we are successful, externals are in place, others think we are doing great, and on the inside we aren't happy, aren't fulfilled, are thirsty.  Those are significant times in life that could result in giving up what I have to seek what I'm missing, even though others and even myself think I've got it made.  Such times are potentially calling me to the hero's journey, calling me to follow my bliss, to use Campbell's language.  I'm reminded of Nietzche's statement that "those who were dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."  A major fish-on-the-camel experience for me occurred a long time ago.  I spent the first two and a half years of college in a Catholic seminary in Pittsburg, wanting to be a priest.  I was doing well, was getting praise, and could have gone far on that life path.  But, I became thirsty.  The calling that I had inside of me wasn't fitting in that setting.  I felt hindered in my growth, and after weeks or months of internal anguish I made the difficult decision to leave, not knowing where I was going in life.  I wandered the streets of Pittsburg for a couple days in a state of confusion or psychosis, and then came out of it feeling clear that I had made the right choice for me  I felt free and alive.  And I moved on.  A major thirst was quenched.   

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    On Jun 10, 2014 anashree wrote:

    a good read . i feel like a fish on a camel sometimes like i need a change. I guess i feel that way because i havent really experienced life the way i hoped i would. Perhaps someday it will all appear differently and  i will also have  quenched my thirst for life.

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