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In Praise of Idleness

On Jun 2, 2014 Ravi S wrote:

I completely agree with the idea of idleness. I also agree that in earlier generations there was a sense of lightheartedness and play. So life was worth enjoying  rather than worth working. As he number of hours of work per day has increased, all the lightheartedness and play has weathered. 

Life has become more of a race rather than a stopover to enjoy. I remember very vividly how my grandfather in a salary of ₹ 5000/- could enjoy relatives coming to our house. He did not feel that relatives are "overhead expenses". I worked for a corporate for 13 years and have experienced this. It was repeated that long hours of work means "success". From last 03 years I have left job and am working on my own. I want to say that I am earning at par with what I would have earned but 50% less efforts. And with personal ease end enjoyment. I am NOT saying that quality of my work has decreased but on the contrary it has increased. I enjoy the idelness which this work has given me. Thanks for sparking a revelation in me.

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