Waking up to Wisdom
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Developing Mindsight

On May 27, 2014 david doane wrote:

 To me, mindsight means letting go of (or "dissolving" to use the author's word) fixed mental perceptions that restrict our awareness, and seeing what is rather than seeing our preconceived beliefs.  For me, the references in Buddhism to waking up and the references in Christianity to making the blind see are about mindsight, that is, seeing what is rather than seeing one's thinking and assumptions.  I do believe such mindsight fosters wisdom and as the author says catalyzes personal and interpersonal integration.  For me, such mindsight is what religion is meant to be about -- that is, re-ligion literally means to re-connect, reintegrate.  I believe religion in its purest sense is the process of me getting my self together or becoming whole, and me realizing that all of us beings are different expressions of one whole. We can grow in mindsight by always having the beginner's mind, as the Buddhists say, with which we can practice being open and seeing what is. 

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