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Who Is My Neighbor?

On Dec 23, 2018 david doane wrote:

 'My neighbor is someone I decide' means to me that my neighbor is someone I decide to relate to with true care and in a way that helps him or her have what is needed to heal and/or grow.  There have been times that I have listened carefully, responded in a way that was respectful, responded in a way that the other felt safe, responded in a way that connected with the othier, provided what was needed, and the other benefitted.  Such times were sacred forms of relatedness with the other. What helps me create relatedness with another is to truly be present with the other and listen to and respond to what the other is presenting, not to my tlhinking, prejudices, expectations, agendas, or judgments, which allows intimate healing sacred relatedness.

On Jan 1, 2019 francis cruz wrote:

 My neighbour has a very broad meaning.When I hear news from aljajeera news,I am touched by the way people suffer in many parts of the world they are very much in my mind and heart.When I see the people sleeping in the town on the streets, I realize that this is the world I live.Christ in among the POOR.Cruz


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