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Staying In Your Own Business

On May 20, 2014 Annie wrote:

  In my case I feel that the soul connection I have with my father is special, God sent him as my father in earth for a reason and the love we have for each other is unconditional, I am not afraid of my dad physical body leaving this world, my faith and my believe doesn't allow me to feel that way, what I been dealing with is the suffering of the physical and emotional pain that his illness is causing him and seeing and feeling him like that, yes I feel him I had share my life with him for so many years everyday, it's almost impossible not to recognize each others pain (or happiness) as a result of this situation I feel exhausted, meaning my energy level is low, but not all is negative I want to share that I been meditating more than ever now and this connection with myself is what keeps me trough.
yes I think balance is the word, aren't we all one energy in different bodies? so my conclusion after reading many comments is that after all we do learn from other people's business even if it seems negative, it makes us realize things but also when we are in other's business we need to be ready for it and re-energize ourselves that takes more work and discipline, we supposed to be here for each other as well as for ourselves. ONE LOVE!

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