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Staying In Your Own Business

On May 20, 2014 angela wrote:

This is an overly simplistic view (even somewhat condescending but that's another story). The world and our areas of concern/influence (or "business") cannot be isolated into separate rooms of "yours," "mine," and "God's." We are all interdependent, therefore, there is also the category of "our" business. There is the possibility of either healthy or unhealthy stress and discomfort involved with working out "business," no matter who's business it is.

Who would we be if we have no concern for others of the nature described above? Of course I am concerned for your happiness, for your health, and about whether you have a job. I have a responsibility to myself AND to those around me. Avoiding "our" stress would be a lonely life indeed. And very self-absorbed. For me, "our" stress can be understood and managed in a healthy way. And I will celebrate with you when you get a job! Or lose weight. Or survive cancer. I cannot tell myself "that is your problem" when it stresses me, and then happily climb onboard with you when the coast is clear. But I can be healthy in my boundaries and in my acceptance/rejection of responsibility. 

To feel connected with others is a fundamental need, and both a great joy and stress. That is life. I prefer to live according to the Serenity Prayer than to burst out laughing at the absurdity of my concern for others "business."

~ namaste

On May 20, 2014 Blessings wrote:

With you.  Now going for a walk with our dog.  (To check the box of better taking care of myself. )  
Convicting read for me.  

On May 20, 2014 Peter wrote:

 Thank you Angela


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