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The World Also Has a Soul

On May 7, 2014 Dominique wrote:

 I couldn't agree more, it takes daily commitment to practice this

This is why I am creating an upcoming radio show where I interview leaders from both nonprofit sector and private sectors on collaboration and social innovations. My vision for Giving Warriors is to make this a collaboration movement where these leaders are provided with a wealth of opportunities to learn, engage, and connect with each others on issues of vital importance to business and social impact. 
We invite leaders to join in these conversations who share our passion for a collaborative, action-oriented approach to rethinking the role of business in society. An invitation to step up our game to make the greatest contribution.
I am inviting all of you here to join in this movement. 
You can learn more about this movement here:
Thank you everyone and Keep Giving It Forward!
PS: I am looking for help on the areas of writing shownotes as well as audio editing, if you have these skillsets and would like to be apart of our team, I'd love to connect

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