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The World Also Has a Soul

On May 6, 2014 river wrote:

 Nature has always shown me the beauty and mystery of the worlds soul. The trees, the water, the animals that live there - their only purpose is to be true to themselves, to share and express all the beauty they contain as a tree, a squirrel or a lake. And I feel that my purpose is to be authentic and true to myself. When i trust who I am as a wild and sacred part of the soul of the earth/universe then I find that the world reaches back to me and says Yes, yes.  Fear will always send me into a constrained and small existence, forgetful of my place among all beings.
It's true that there is a sense of vulnerability to this reaching out to the world, a shakiness that calls up to our true warrior nature. I feel held in partnership with the soul of the world if i can remember that i don't just belong to the family of humans but all life. That really  we all belong to the universe.

On May 6, 2014 Ofmin wrote:

Speechless.  There is nothing to add or  take away from this truth.   Amen.


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