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The World Also Has a Soul

On May 6, 2014 Alain Deguire wrote:

For me, there is no doubt about this...
I am very close to Nature, living in a rural area where I can go for a walk in Nature everyday.
I am regularly communicating with Nature, Nature Spirits and "All That Is". As an example, last week, I felt drawn to take a specific trail that brought me to a little stream where there was so many garbage all along the trail and stream. Such a sad sight... Walking along, I strongly felt challenged... Fairies were asking me to come and clean this stream by removing all the garbage. I wondered how I could proceed to do that and immediately the answer came to mind. I commit to the Fairies that I would do it. Yesterday,I started the cleaning and while I was doing it, I constantly felt attracted to some specific places where there was garbage to pick up... They were clearly guiding me to find all there was for me to pick up... I took out from this site three full big green bags of garbage and I have to go back for at least two other times to complete the task I commit too... this is such a magical experience to be team working like this with the Fairies, the Nature Spirits, the Soul of the World. <3

On May 6, 2014 Mish wrote:

 What a wonderful experience!  Loved reading about this! Both sink you for sharing it.  Well done kindness act as well.

On May 6, 2014 Mish wrote:

typo in my original comment..."thank you" (not, both sink) :))


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