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The World Also Has a Soul

On May 4, 2014 david doane wrote:

The world has Soul.  Soul takes on form in every plant, animal, rock, and each of us.  My personal experience is my coming to realize that each of us and the world are expressions of the same Soul, realize that we and the world are one, and realize that what we do to the world we do to ourselves.  We don't own the world.  We and the world are kin.  We are to work with the world, not conquer and exploit it.  In harming the world we harm ourselves, which is insane.  We practice being true to our own necessities by learning what our necessities really are, and letting go of the unnecessities. We try to have so much that we don't need.  Someone said we can never have enough of what we don't really need.  Ten percent of people hogging ninety percent of resources isn't necessary.  We can be compassionate, work together, and share.  We can help one another and the world to have its necessities.

On May 4, 2014 Me wrote:

 And the world (and everyone in it) doesn't own you/me/us.  (I have to remind myself of this often!)

thankful for your thoughts!


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