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    On May 2, 2014 Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

     I have some difficulty separating my thinking from my feeling. As souls are at least semi-incomprehensible mysteries, I think our world is an incomprehensible mystery and in that sense it has a soul. My experience of the universe leads me to believe the universe is an incomprehensible mystery. As God is an incomprehensible mystery, I see the universe as God, and that the universe is not only my partner in life, the universe and I are one. In that sense the universe is my life. One may believe we practice being true to our own necessities by noticing our present experience and accepting it. "It" is both the universe and mone's experience since I believe the universe is like a hologram in which my one part includes the entire whole. I can be more certain this is true for me when I am compassionate and kind. Being compassionate and kind is something like mindful, wise living. Most of what I state I don't know in advance until it comes to me, and in that sense, I know nothing, while at the same time I know everything I need to know at any given time. Warm and kind regards to everyone and everything.,

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    On May 11, 2014 a wrote:

     The Holy Spirit is definitely "speaking" through you!  Giving you what you need for this moment, and no other.  He shares through you!  Thank you!
    Since God is God, He can "speak" through anyone and thing He wills.  (This is why/how I know the world has a soul!). Things offer NO RESISTANCE.  "Things" say to God, "You created me . . . Do with me what you will . . . Have Your way with me.)  God speaks to nature . . .  And God speaks through nature.  Blessed be God:)

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