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    On Apr 25, 2014 LFMe wrote:

     In medicine, to isolate is to set apart to either keep something/someone from contamination OR to keep something/ someone from contamination (Giving/Receiving).
    Isolation is not a state one should REMAIN IN unnecessarily.  By isolating anything/one, something else then gets magnified and becomes unhealthy.  
    I am thankful for my job, it takes me out of my self-imposed isolation.
    i am thankful for my dog, he takes me from my self-imposed isolation.
    i am thankful for my husband, he asked for my life 04/28/84 - until death, and God ordained marriage for man NOT to alone/isolated.
    I am thankful for Aunt Delphine, who I now am off to check on (she had a wonderful Easter with us but when back at her home on Monday suffered a TIA), God gives us each other to keep us from isolation.

    There is a time and a place for everything . . . We should not isolate ourselves from truth . . .  We have to break uncomfortable barriers we've created.
    In the Name of Jesus, we need come out of our tombs.

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