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    On Apr 7, 2014 pluto178 wrote:

     Sometimes we need support, we get crutches, after a time the crutches can go, we are strong again. If we are offered constant support it actually makes us weak. The stake added to a tree in the first few years of its life offers support but if you don't remove it soon enough the tree will not become flexible and able to bend with the winds. Plants and children grow strong with the help of the nursery but you are teaching them to grow strong when they stand alone. Good intentions in helping and fixing can have a great effect on your ego but make little difference to the person who needs healing. Help people to help themselves and you working in service x

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    On Apr 9, 2014 Amy wrote:

     You got it!  Sweet!  Thank you much!

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    On Apr 11, 2014 cecilia wrote:

     I also believe helping people to grow strong within them selves is the most important service you can give, like a tree as you say the support has to be removed for those branches to sway in the wind, and also for our fellow mankind to say I have been given the strength, the wise words, the love and compassion, that I now can stand alone and take the same path as my Dear Friend and teach others the same lesson. Thank you for your wisdom

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