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Are You Bored Yet?

On Mar 24, 2014 david doane wrote:

 Boredom means to me that I'm not doing what I want to be doing, be that because I or someone else isn't allowing me to do what I want or because I don't have the means, motivation, courage, or whatever.  A person can fake boredom as a way of being uncooperative, but that's not real boredom, that's passive aggression.  The way to be bored is to not do what I want.  "Follow your bliss," said Joseph Campbell, which means pursue what you really want and what you really turn on to.  Commitment, hard work, and sacrifice are usually still part of doing what I want.  If I'm not doing what I want, my commitment, hard work, and sacrifice may bring some satisfaction but deep down I'm likely to still be bored.  I've been in many situations that have been boring for me.  Sometimes I've done nothing, stayed bored and got angry.  Sometimes I've removed myself from the situation altogether and tried to find a different situation.  Sometimes I've made changes in the way I am and the things I do in the situation, sort of redefining me and the situation.  The last option has been a way of liberating myself from the chase of the next new thing -- sometimes that's been the best thing for me to do.

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