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Seeing Fully

On Mar 11, 2014 Gopal wrote:

 How do I know when it is time to move on to the bigger picture? Well, it is a soft murmur at first coming from deep within ( often missed by me in the clutter of noises around me) and then after some days, it becomes a loud voice impossible to ignore. Sometimes, this voice comes from within and sometimes a wise friend will point it out to me. Like last week I was fretting over how some of my projects just refuse to take off the ground due to bureaucratic hurdles and how very little meaningful work that has seemed to come my way in Jan and February. After listening to me, a friend quietly pointed out the work I had done on myself and grown at accepting people as they are not as I want them to be. Once I stepped back and saw the effort that had gone in that, I felt much more peaceful.

Detachment to work results is something I was fortunately introduced to in the "Talks on the Gita" by Vinoba. It has helped me focus on doing my best and not be driven by results.  As my work involves engaging with govt. agencies in education, at times - the results of my work would be largely invisible to me. Moving towards excellence, not perfection is still difficult but I am getting there :) 

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