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Preparing For The Extraordinary: An Essential Practice

On Nov 23, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 As I was growing up, my father taught me three inter -connected steps for learning something deeper and extraordinary. They are shravana, manana and nidhityasana. These are Sanskrit words meaning midful attentive listening with open mind and open heart, asking questions, inquring about what we learn from listening, and reflecting deeply with a meditative quiet and clear mind and practicing what we learn.. This three- steps- process is like making preparation for the extraordinary to be received in life. There are times when I follow these three steps alone and there are times when I practice these three steps in a group. I feel different energy when I follow these three steps in a group. In Sanskrit we use the word satsanga meaning being in the company of the Reality- the Truth with genuine seekers.

For several years we have been having satsanga meetings. In these meetings we follow the three -steps process  and share our personal experience with others in the group. Each of us has a positive impact on others in the group and the attentive and compassionate presence of the members of the group has a benevolent impact on the individuals in the group. Our experience makes us relaize how we are both a composer of the group field and part of the composition. 

I have been seeing three generations growing with different rhythms of life. The sad part of the fast moving  third generation is lack of good quality time for oneself and for others, more and more disconnect and lack of time to be quiet and to have satsaga meetings. A long time ago Buddha taught us to remain awake, know the path and be in the company of the walkers on the path . We need to listen to such enlightened masters and learn to walk on the right path.
May we remain awke to live a serving and fulfilling life!

Jagdish P Dave

On Nov 27, 2018 Phyllis J. LUTJEANS wrote:

I have been a part of my Yoga Class for 17 years; I am 89 years old and my Yoga Class is about the spiritual
part of Yoga.  We have four retreats a year and we have an enlightened master.  Everything I read was an
absolute reality.  YIPPEEE!  With love,  Rashmi, i.e. Phyllis Lutjeans


On Nov 28, 2018 tanvi wrote:

 @ Jagdish Dave, where do you hold the satsanga ? I would love to attend. I am based in Mumbai.


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