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The Secret To Surfing the Waves

On Jul 17, 2007 wrote:

Ahhh, refreshing like a wave :) It depicts very much also how surfers do feel with the right attitude towards themselves and their part in nature. Surfing is very grounding and creates a high awareness of our role within the environment - we are a part of it - a small one. There is hardly any other sport that makes it that clear. A wave does with you what it wants if you are on the wrong spot - impossible to fight and scary at times. Respect is what you gain from it. Respect towards nature, but also towards others, because for some reason surfing really centers you without having to do a big effort or without even being aware of such thing as "centeredness". This phenomena even got a name in the surfing scene - it is called "soul surfing" and sometimes you can even see people on the street wearing a shirt with the print "surfing frees your soul". And it literally does free your soul, it makes you an observer, rather then only a participant. Just as the article above points out.

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