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    On Feb 18, 2014 Robyn wrote:

     I would like to believe in this view of life, and can see, and have learned, at least partially, its validity and truth. But having lost 5 members of my immediate, sane, and loving family to murder, AIDS, an accidental drug overdose, an accidental drowning, and a hospital-acquired infection after supposedly "routine, minor" surgery --  in addition to the loss of my own physical health and operatic singing career to auto-immune disorders, please forgive me for my heart-level skepticism. Yes, I have learned much, but those who have not suffered this kind of repeated trauma, loss, and pain, please go easy on the universal rejoicing for the "lessons!" There are many things to learn, and many, many things that also break us, and that even compromise our ability to work with all these lovely "lessons!" For many years, I have been working vigorously on my spiritual practice, and have pursued several different kinds of therapy. Human suffering is a great, ineffable mystery. Please, let's not pretend we have easy answers.

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    On Feb 18, 2014 david doane wrote:

     Robyn -- Thank you for what you said -- your statement was sort of a reality check for me, and I was touched.  Yes, we have free will and a lot of power as to the choices we make and how we deal with things.  And it's also true that life does things to us, and sometimes they're traumatic things that knock us for a loop.  Life can be gruesome.  Thanks for the reminder to not overdo the easy answers. 

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    On Feb 18, 2014 Syd wrote:

     Robyn --- thank you for being authentic and my ability to experience your truth.  This is a good for you, as my denial is still a testiness and edginess, even when I choose a meaning for my experiences.  

    Your presence is significant and you truly nourished my spirit.  

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    On Feb 19, 2014 Susan Livingston wrote:

    Robyn, as a two-time assault survivor (November 2000 and June 2001) who experienced blame-the-victim energy from family, friends, and professionals during the post-traumatic years, I resonate strongly with your words. Please see my more extensive comment elsewhere in this thread.

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    On Feb 20, 2014 Robyn wrote:

     Thanks to Syd, David, Susan and others for their heart-full replies! Don't get me wrong, in spite of everything, I practice my spiritual path "as though my pants were on fire," as I recently said to a friend! What I hear and read as "philosophies" or ways of interpreting life events and realities don't  change the felt-reality or the personal consequences of these ineffably puzzling, life-altering, and very deeply painful happenings, especially when they are so numerous! We are certainly free to use our minds to interpret the events of our lives for our learning and our benefit, but our hearts and souls still experience the battering, the unspeakable pain, and our lives are forever changed. We may learn many things. And we may still be broken.

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    On Feb 20, 2014 Brenda McBride wrote:

    My life has changed forever since my dads passing.  It's soon to be 3 years. My soul is not the same. A piece of me left upon his leaving the physical world. Are the deceased aware of us here on Earth? And, do they miss us? I wonder. If you can give me some input, I'd be grateful. THank you.Brenda 

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    On Feb 20, 2014 Dr. Deri wrote:

     Yes, Brenda, indeed our loved ones do hear us and we hear them in various and sundry ways, can be via a dream, hearing a bird, or just being open to getting a message.  I write extensively about this in Soulful Love: The Search for the Self which is out of print but you may be able to find it on amazon or in your library.. The only thin veil that separates us between this world and the next is the breath.. Our dear ones are closer to us than we realize.



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    On Feb 20, 2014 Conrad wrote:

     Robin, your life is perfect. The human perfection may be thought of as "broken." As I see it, is not the breakes but are attitude towards the brakes that can help us be peaceful or not. Warm and kind regards.

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    On Feb 24, 2014 Raga wrote:

     Yes Robyn. A person who goes through suffering and yet does not lose the equilibrium - that is the essence of life. But what if, too many sorrows, sad events and that too continuously are dumped on an individual or family. What if life is a continuous saga of pain, helplessness and discontent. Thinking that it is all a part of the bigger picture and a larger beautiful canvas that is laid out unknown to us, can I forget about the present - suffering silently. Well, it requires lot of inner courage, replenishment of faith (which goes on getting emptied faster, as nothing good unfolds) and faster bouncing back to current agenda.
    There are moments or events which cannot be shared with others - because the suffering is so private and solutions are not available. Silent suffering continues.
    I too had very miserable life and still continues for over 30 years.

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    On Feb 25, 2014 Always wrote:

    This is earth's strongest evidence for Heaven.  All we learn from Jesus in the NT has yet to come.  Where is the "playing field" level here?  Life here, is an illusion.  Heaven, on the other hand, is for REAL.  The truest  gift is yet to be realized for those who believe.  There, justice and Love will reign.  Just for you!  I pray. 

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    On Feb 25, 2014 Brenda Mcbride wrote:

     Excellent comment!!! Heaven is for real and life here is an illusion.

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    On Mar 25, 2014 sanjay wrote:

     I have been through immense pain of losing my parents and my sister , of having seen sickness in the family and also my health issues . One after the other situations would break me down . I have not found any answers to human suffering all that I know is that this is inevitable , this moment is inevitable , it has already occurred and I can do nothing about it , knowing that the only choice I have is surrender .  

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    On Mar 25, 2014 With Love wrote:

     We're just passing through.  The suffering ends when this life ends and the next begins.  I am praying for you.

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