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    On Feb 18, 2014 Syd wrote:

     I will agree with what Jeff Foster says, “… that nothing happens to you, but everything happens for you - …”   The hard part for me, though, is recovering from the horror and shock of life.  Maybe I am being weaned from any reliance on my feelings and I am now to find faith in being powerless and even in hopelessness.  It feels like I am to find the heart of faith in being emotionally paralysis, as I know the 110 volts of electrical shock is coming again and again.  I am tired of the intense shock from life and now in my own body’s inability to function.  Could it be possible to find the heart of faith at that point I am being shocked into awareness?   Could this moment be faith of the awareness create stillness, and then the courage to accept the shock?   I just feel my deepest shock is recovering from my disbelief and it is like I am recovering from the Supreme Being.  It seems this awareness is a moment learning to accept my shock as for me and not to me, as Jeff says.  A faith in what is painful and disturbing, and then for a self living in the moment of the shock, where faith becomes courage and for the courage to accept.    

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