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    On Feb 18, 2014 Christine wrote:

     I have faith but I don't know if my body does.  So mixed in the wonderment is tears.  The mantra that life loves me shocked me because it has never occurred to me that life loves me. Dealing with a rare disease with the chronic pain and limited time I can stay up out of bed begs to differ. Someone told me not to have faith but live faith. I don't even know where to begin.  But after reading Mr. Foster's insight maybe I don't have to worry about beginning.

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    On Feb 18, 2014 Brenda McBride wrote:

    I have been suffering from my dads passing for 3 years now.  I know my body and mind have been so tired and depleted of energy. But, we must believe that things will get better. I hope you feel better each day. Life is a gift for all of us. I need to remind myself !

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    On Feb 18, 2014 Conrad wrote:

     Thank you Christine for your courage. Warm and kind regards.Conrad

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    On Feb 19, 2014 Christine wrote:

     Thank you Conrad. Many Blessings!

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    On Feb 19, 2014 Christine wrote:

     Brenda, my deepest sympathy that your Dad passed.  Both my parents, within a few months of each other, went to the other side.  Thank you for your encouragement. I hope your body and mind is filled with healing energy. Many Blessings!

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