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    On Feb 17, 2014 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Jeff offers an interesting and refreshing perspective on life and living. I feel close to this  teleological perspective. I also relate to the causal perspective. Bad things have happened to me for a variety of reasons. Some of them seems to be largely beyond my hands and control. The prostate cancer that I developed at the age of 85-I am 88 years old and still going- seems to have a genetic basis. What caused it I do not know. I have some ideas about it-the toxic conditions I have been (like most of us are) exposed to, chroinc stress I have been going through like most other go though and a a lack of adequate exercise and a lack of hundred percent wholesome food that I should have eaten consistently and on and on. I have not given up on living. I have learned a few good lessons from this happening and I am doing the best I can to treat it. I have been learning a lot from my illness and I am sharing my lessons of living with many I come across. So, there is also a purpose for me going through this somewhat devastating experience.

    And there have been a few self-caused emotional sufferings and regrets I have had due to my own foolish and narrow sighted ways of pursuing my desires, needs and wants. These experiences have caused suffering, humiliation regrets and remorse. I have learned from my mistakes and wrong doings and have become a little wiser . My sufferings have made more empathic and compassionate and kinder to others.

    I believe we all are here for a variety of reasons. Remaining awakened, mindful and aware of myself and other in my life is a way of growing and fulfilling of our purpose of being in this world. Knowing that and living that way keeps me going on my path.

    I am grateful to Jeff Foster for creating an inner space for me to contemplate , reflect and share myself with many  of my fellow travelers.

    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Feb 18, 2014 Nazrul Islam wrote:

     Really so painful, in this condition u feel well sometimes , Briefly i m telling abt myself, once i was so happy, though i m nt rich one at all, my darkness comes in my life after my beloved wife,s death, she was my inspiration, she helped some times, she as a school teacher, i was also govt official, now retd, my 2 kids, both r well established, but both r far from me, they live their own job,s station, i live here with my Mom at my home, my basic needs r so few, just i try to live, i have got no any sick ness, my main problems , i m a social worker, i try to help the poor in various sector, 1stly these were from my own, but now i m unable to bear, more on i m in debt, for me&for my works, this is so tragic  for me, pls try to view my web link of my work, all the details r given there, thanks, Nazrul from Bangladesh,

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