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    On Feb 16, 2014 david doane wrote:

     According to the author, whatever happens and whatever I do is my path, so by that parameter I can never lose my path.  And of course all is life and life is all, and I certainly agree and trust that I can learn and grow  from everything that I do and everything that happens.  I also believe that I can deliberately go directly against my inner truth, and to me that is me losing my path even though I certainly can learn something that I need to learn from it.  Plenty of times I've gone  against my inner intuition/truth, and I've learned from at least some of those times.  Also, I don't think everything in my life happens for me, as the author says.  The sun shines, and I benefit greatly from it -- I don't believe it shines for me and I don't believe that I benefit from it for its sake -- it's doing its thing and I'm doing mine -- we are interrelated.  I don't know if it's benefiting any from me. 

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    On Feb 17, 2014 William wrote:

     Even what you do not believe is your not believing in God has nothing to do with God, just You.

    So grasshopper, it is irrelevant whether you believe that this is this or this is still Is regardless of what You believe...and that is your path

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    On Feb 19, 2014 Susan Livingston wrote:

     I agree with you, David. I'm not even sure what meaning to attach to "my" life, since no part of Life is owned by "me" but rather moves through me as the experience of my ego. IMO, "things happen FOR me" is just as judgmental as "things happen TO me."

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