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What You See Is What You Get

On Jan 26, 2014 david doane wrote:

What I see is my perception, and what I get is my perception.  Two people look at the same thing, each has a different perception, and each gets something different.  So it's important that my perception be as clear and neutral as I can get it, unclouded by obstacles like negativity, prejudice, preconceived notions, expectations.  Becoming aware of the obstacles and letting go of them is the process of clearing my perception.  In keeping my perception clean plus staying in the present I practice keeping my eyes open and seeing the pennies the world has to offer.  If I'm not in the present, if I'm caught up in something from the past or planning the future I'm not likely to see the pennies in front of me.  Keeping my eyes open in relation to nature reveals the many pennies that nature is full of, and comes easier for me than keeping my eyes open in relation to people about whom I've already made up my mind.  When I have given a chance to someone about whom I have premade strong opinions and have kept my eyes open and listened openly, I have found pennies that the person has to offer, and that has been satisfying and healing.

On Jan 28, 2014 Jo wrote:

 Thank you, for the penny.  Very much appreciate.


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