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    On Nov 11, 2018 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     The foundation of any relationship is caring and tust. According to my experience of my personal relationship between human beings in my life and between me and nature, I feel deep connection which I call LOVE.IN such relationships there is deep caring , compassion, tenderness and connectedness. As a child, my first personal expereince of such relationship was between me,other members of my family and our family cow. My mother was  taking care of our cow in many ways. My mother named our cow, Yamuna, the sacred river of India. I would never forget watching my mom milking Yamuna with tendeness and love, like a mother tending her child. This expereince has planted a seed of compassion in my heart which has been growing naturally as I am growing in age.

    Applying  the technology of indigenous culture in many cotexts of my life has been a complementary and enriching experience.. We have a team of five people where I work. called Learning Support Team. Our task  is to help children, teachers and parents who  need special help in class rooms. We have special and unique skills. Our relationship is complementary like theThree Sisters providing caring, support and assitance to the triad-children, teachers and parents.We love to apply this "primitive technology.".Our reationship is complementary, not competative. And we love it.

    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Nov 18, 2018 me too wrote:

    Thank you for providing this service!  What a ministry!  I have special learning needs!  When I was young, we did not have support offered, as you speak of!  I felt lost and alone!  Not OK for a young person to feel "what is the matter with me!"!  Why can't I learn like the others???  Amen to your team!!!  Amen.

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