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Deep Inquiry: Not for the Faint of Heart

On Jan 21, 2014 Rajnikant wrote:

 Inquiry and observe are two different functions. Inquiry is to try to find out about a particular thing. It is done when one has free time and is in pursuit of spiritual elevation. There will be always questions as to why, what, how etc. which after reading one will have to set time to inquire from within what you are searching for and what you have read. Reading is at an intellect level where as inquiry in this case is at the heart level. Observe can be taken in two ways. First one is what Ganoba has written about. One sits and watches goes thru the mind. The other one is to sit in observation something which is bugging you and see what kinds of thoughts or pictures come about that topic so you can then decide how to deal with it. This is my understanding from Holistic Science which is the science of the vitragas (Vitrag  = enlightened spiritual masters who have achieved  perfect knowledge by conquering anger, pride, deceit, and desire).

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