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Ten Rules For Being Human

On Jul 10, 2007 mark stodghill wrote:

Walking along the 10 ruled path was fairly light and generally useful...until the last rule---"the double helix of inner knowing" lost at birth?....cryptic knots or koans tied to a rather elegant if not simplistic previous list of 9 is offputting--maybe a hook was intended and I am supposed to say..: oh wow, gimme that double helix dose of ineer must be the real thing because it's so organic of a thing like DNA..right..."---or is it just a simple commercial for a new brand of looking within and getting calm and seeing what we are and that we can let it all just go and be which has no name...or "paying attention" I on a judgemental tangent??? or in a convolted way pointing out the discongruity to the intital approach culminated in a "mysterious" nonsense....not to say that nonsense doesn't have it's place...well now...and now and then...back to now double helix's you

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