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    On Jan 17, 2014 Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

     In the past I thought I knew what inquiry means. Now I do not know. In the past I was afraid of not knowing. Today I am much less afraid of not knowingand often cherish not knowing. What I understand by "releasing the constructed world while remaining conscious" is simply being open to what is. My noticing what is can change from moment to moment. The only constant I see is change. I have written about functional discontinuity. If a teacher provides conditions whereby a student becomes somewhat perplexed or stuck, and provides conditions of freedom and a responsive environment, the student can then unperplex and unstick herself or himself.. Schools generally do not provide these conditions which facilitate open inquiry. a discontinuity, he focused on, can help one build a larger continuity. The largest continuity is noticing that one is one with everyone and everything. I believe inquiry must be open in order for it to be inquiry. To paraphrase Gandhi: There is no way to open inquiry. Open inquiry is the way. Some teachers think they can "use" inquiry to have students discover what the teacher or book wants them to discover. That is not open-ended inquiry. I now know that I wish everyone warm and kind regards. I know very little and am pleased about it. When I grow more, I will notice that I am not a separate I who inquires or even a separate I who does not know. As Lao Tzu said: "The way that can be said is not the way."

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