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    On Nov 9, 2018 david doane wrote:

     I love Kimmerer's account, even though I feel sad in reading it and thinking about the loss of humanity in our high tech ways.  There is a personal relationship between the human and the seed that is evident in the primitive ways and is lost and perhaps destroyed in high tech.  The human and the seed can see each other in the primitive way, where the identification between them is more obvious.  I see a deep synergy in the way people used to sit physically present to one another and talk in their personal lives and in business much more often years ago than in today's high tech society.  What helps me continue 'Three Sisters planting' is my continuing to value and engage in face to face personal non technologigized non computerized interaction -- I'm an anachronism and enjoying it, proud of it, and I see people appreciating it.  Holding onto humanity in high tech ways is a challenge that I pretty much ignore but younger people will face more and more.  I remember Erich Fromm saying the challenge of the future is to not become robots.

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    On Nov 18, 2018 me wrote:

     Amen!  I, like you, old fashioned!  

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