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Aliveness and Harmony

On Jan 14, 2014 Rajnikant wrote:

 When and how can one be in center? Does one have a biased opinion? My view point is correct? Have I hurt  or cause someone to hurt or support someone hurting even the slightest ego of any living being - human, animals or  plants and/or of any foundation or view point of any religion?and/or uttered untrue adverse things offending or showed disregard or disrespect of any religious head or authority, disliked or hate any living being or spoken harsh, hurtful language, and/or have had any desires, gestures, or thoughts of perverted, sensuality or passion towards any gender- male, female or neuter, and/or excessive temptation towards any relish or taste of food, and/or uttered untrue, adverse things for any being-living or dead, in one's presence or absence? Am I an instrumental in welfare of the world that is good of mankind as a whole? Once these things are being implemented then one marches towards the center.

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